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Wanted: KD7HH-Roger, Winchester, WY., 307-347-2510  blbhill@live.com

            Transformer for a Kenwood TL922A linear amplifier.


F/S: WU7G-Jim, Cheyenne, WY., H-307-514-2820 C:307-630-0922 wu7g@bresnan.net

3 Dentron MLA 2500, 10-160 meter amplifier. +2.5 kW PEP. $400 ea

Collins KWM-2A Transceiver with PM-2 Power Supply, excellent condition $950 and I ship.


Wanted: WB7CTJ-Gary, Kalispell, MT. 406-261-6131 wb7cjt@msn.com

            Ameritron ALS 600, solid state amplifier along w/50 volt power supply.       


F/S: KD0DDN-Gene, Spearfish, S.D., 605-717-1115

            G5RV ANTENNA, w/balun, twin lead section & 70’+/- RG8x……$10.00

KENWOOD TS-440S TRANSCEIVER, with YK-88C 500Hz crystal filter, no antenna tuner,

“dot problem” on 24, 28, 29 mHz display.  Works normally on 1.8 thru 21 mHz bands.

W/matching KENWOOD PS-50 POWER SUPPLY, good condition, 13.8 v, 20 amp…$300.00

TRIPP-LITE PR-40A POWER SUPPLY, works, 13.8 v, 40 amp………$50.00

KENWOOD MC-50 DESK MICROPHONE, good condition, w/4-pin Connector-for TS-120S, etc…$50.00

MFJ 941D ANTENNA TUNER, “Versa-Tuner II”, works, meter works but ‘power out’ function

needs adjustment….$20.00


F/S: WY7KY-Tom, Cheyenne, WY., 307-421-3882. wy7ky@gmail.com

            A3S 20M beam that has been modified for 17M.  Shipping available.

Please leave voicemail…….$150.00 shipped. 


F/S: NQ7L-James, Billings, MT.,  cadiscase@yahoo.com

         Heathkit HL-2200 amp. 80-10 meters. Two 3-500Z tubes. 

         Replaced resistors on meter board. Replaced resistors/caps in HV circuit.

         Cosmetic 9. Works good.  $895 Pickup only @ Billings


F/S: N7NKD-Robert, Cheyenne, WY., schraderranch@gmail.com


FT-101EE Transceiver

FL-2100F Linear Amplifier

FT-101B External VFO

SP-101PB Phone Patch/Speaker

FTV-250 2 Meter Transverter

FTV-650B 6 Meter Transverter

YO-101 Monitor Scope

FC-902 Antenna Tuner

YD-844 Dynamic Mike

Service Manual, Manuals (except Antenna Tuner).Connecting cords, cables, etc

Asking $2,500.00 for the complete station.  I would consider any reasonable offer.

The equipment (except for the antenna tuner, which I added later) all in the original boxes


F/S: NA7AA-Tom, Alpine, WY., 650-207-2772  tcoletti@me.com

            Acom 1000 linear amplifier, 1000 watt, 220Vac,  …....$2000.00 shipped


F/S: KF7VFR-Joshua, Cheyenne, WY., 307-920-2231

New Tripp Lite 200w (PV200) inverter- $25.00

Antenna/ tower base. 3 legged triangle shaped. approximately 16" on centers. $5.00

Heathkit HP-10 Power supplies. $30.00 for both

RCA tube handbooks in good shape. $10.00

Tower segment approximately 8' including sliding 'pole' part. $20.00

Perpetual trouble shooter's manual” By John F Rider. In total I have 23 from the set. There are a few skips, duplicates and one volume in triplicate. Most copies are in good to very good condition with the rest being in ok to fair condition (torn cover, loose or torn pages etc). The series appears to have consisted of 23 editions. According to http://www.americanradiohistory.com/Rider-Manual.htm; "John F. Rider's "The Perpetual Troubleshooter's Manual" was published from 1931 to1954 Rider worked with as many radio manufacturers as possible to get any servicing information that was available so the yearly bound volumes were large (sometimes over 2000 pages). Manufacturers were represented were mainly from the United States." $150.00

Lightly used Any Tone 3318UV-A dual band handheld radio. Includes: 1500 mAh battery, 1800 mAh battery, Rubber duck antenna, Battery eliminator for vehicle, Bungee cord mike, Programing cable, and drop in rapid charger. The programing software and drivers are available from http://www.wouxun.us. New this set is about $175.00 plus shipping. All 2m and 440 channels are unlocked on this radio! I bought this one because as a Ham I didn't like the lack of settings on 'fire rescue' radios and needed something I could transmit on our public service frequencies. It worked great once I figured out how to program it. The programing software takes a bit of a learning curve to get it to talk to the radio, or at least it did for me.


F/S: W7JSC-Steve, Cheyenne, WY., w7jsc@msn.com

Collins 75A-2 Receiver, works good on AM, has Tree Top Circuits Side Band Adaptor, BFO assembly needs work, with manuals $350.00

Hallicrafters SX-101 MK III receiver, does work 80 meters, probably needs alignment or

something minor, with manuals $150.00

Hallicrafters R-46B speaker cabinet with non-original speaker, works good $50.00

Hallicrafters FPM-300 Transceiver with power cord and manuals, receives but low

power out $200.00

Kenwood R-1000 receiver with manuals, works good on AM, low sensitivity on SSB $100.00

Drake T-4XB Transmitter low output power $150.00

Drake AC-4 power supply works good $150.00

Drake MS-4 Speaker works $100.00

Hammarlund Speaker (old don’t know model #) with Civil Defense stickers works good $100.00

Prices do NOT include shipping, handling and packaging. Prefer local pick-up for 75A-2 and SX-101, very heavy, cost too much to ship.


F/S: N7YV-Roger, Casper, WY., 307-459-4599 sales@jackalopejunction.com   

Cement base $50.

Two meter Isopole for $50.  

Two sets of Rohn 25 guy brackets that need bolts $60 each.