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Any information supplied here for retail, repair or places to find something is

not a recommendation of any kind, nor is it an endorsement of quality of service, just

purely informational info, only!! Strike your own deals, and make your own judgment about

anyone you are dealing with.


F/S: W7JNB-Jim, Cheyenne, WY., 307-414-0519 jbcb@bresnan.net

            Connect Systems (Xiegu) CS108G+ H.F. transceiver ( outdoor version ) and Xiegu XPA

125 power amplifier……… $450 plus shipping. 


F/S: WN6QJN-Pete, Custer, S.D. 605 673-3536 petedie@goldenwest.net

(2) DuraComm 12vdc, 20amp switching power supplies.  Rack mounted, 2RU. 

110vac input.  $50/each OR $90 for both +S&H.  Shippable from Custer, SD. 

American Power Conversion, APC Smart UPS 1400 (1400watt) rack mountable, 4RU. 

With new batteries. $250  Too heavy to ship from Custer, SD. Meet you half way. . .

(2)Decibel (DB) Products 2meter duplexers, six cavity, professionally tuned, both on 147.150/147.750.  Can be re-tuned at Motorola for $100 each. $350 each OR $650 for both. 

Too bulky to ship from Custer, SD . . .meet you half way. . .

2 meter package deal: Astron RS-20 power supply with internal speaker, Icom IC-2100, and a Larson 2m 5/8 wave antenna with ground plane mount & mounting pole.  $150.00

Radio is programed with all western SouDak repeaters. All you need is coax, plug it in and

put it on the air. Hot Springs ARC can fix you up with coax/connectors too.

Motorola GR300 desk top repeater system. Consist of two GM300 VHF transceivers (30w output), a Zetron ZR340 controller, and an Astron custom power supply  in a Motorola desk top rack.  All cables and connectors are included.  The radios are currently on 147.150/147.750 but can/will re-program them to whatever repeater pair you wish. Sold by the Hot Springs Amateur Radio Club for $350.00.  All documentation, service manuals, and schematics in Adobe .pdf format.

Wanted: WN6QJN-Pete, Custer, S.D., 605-673-3536 petedie@goldenwest.net

            Inoperable Astron power supplies. I will buy any inoperative or damaged Astron P.S.,

any model.  Pass on what you want $$ for the power supply and I will

decide if I want it and if I do, I will pay postage to my home in Custer, SD  

OR. . .  I will come pick it up.

When I build up a stock of “repaired” power supplies I will advertise what

types/models that I have for sale. . .

Astron 20A power supply, previous owner cut a hole in the front panel for a

(useless) fan, removed the fan and instead installed a speaker.  The power

supply works to specs except the case is a little ugly………$65


F/S: KJ7GXL-William, Baggs, WY., c:702-202-5486 w.mcgary@live.com

Kenwood TM710G. Ordered it new from HRO. Finally hooked it up on 8/17/19. Played with

it 6 hours and I’m not a fan of it. Comes with everything in the box plus a head separation kit

and an RT Systems programming cable. You will have to order the software since I downloaded the software.  $575.00. Will be over packed for shipping


F/S: W0DON, Don, Greely, CO., 970-451-2667 donernest17@gmail.com

Ameritron 811 (3 tube)  with new tubes & spares. Asking $600.00 may consider $550.00. 

Newly rebuilt circuit boards 


F/S: W7QNS-Dave, Powell, WY., w7qns@hotmail.com

            Kenwood TS120-S, w/power cord, hand mic, manual & MC50 desk mic….$250.00

            J38 straight key w/shorting bar…..$40.00


F/S: WA5VRL-Willis, Fort Collins, CO., 970-266-9532 whatley52@comcast.net

Yaesu FT-857D HF + 50/144/430 MHz Multimode Mobile Transceiver with Separation

Cable Kit.  Includes YF-122S 2.3KHz Bandwidth Collins 455KHZ IF SSB Filter and

MH-59A8J Remote Control DTMF Mic.  Great condition. Ready to go! Asking $650.00

SGC-239 Automatic SmarTuner. 1.8 thru 30 MHz.  200 Watts PEP. Good condition. Asking $150.

Prefer local pick up but will meet in Cheyenne if needed for the FT-857D.


F/S: KB7BWD-Ed, Basin, WY., 307-388-9284

Yaesu 757GX with original hand mic and matching Yaesu SP757HD speaker/power

supply. Original manuals for this equipment are not available but can be downloaded

from the internet. The 757GX was sent to Tim, WD0FCK, for service and alignment 4

years ago and has not been turned on since. Asking $400.00 for all.


F/S: Wayne N0POH, Aurora, CO., 303-699-6335 n0poh@arrl.net

Drake TR-7, Desk Mic, Hand Mic includes PS-7 Power Supply MN-2700 Tuner Operator

& Service Manuals - Make Offer

Alinco Dual Band DJ-V57 w/EDC-146 AC battery, wall charger & Pryme Spkr mic $50 OBO
5' Buriable section Rohn 55 Tower

M^2 222-7WL Yagi.  23 elements on 32' boom. (In sections on the ground longest section 6') All hardware included $200 obo 


Wanted: KG7TXP-Jerry, Glendive, MT., 406-377-6242 jhoward@midrivers.com

Bird slugs for HF-500 & 1KW- if someone might have some laying around

Kenwood TS940 parts:
                            1 - AVR board complete
                            1 - RF PA board complete
                            1 - Voltage Reg Assy w/fan complete
                            1 - VS-1 voice synth board complete


F/S: KI7CSZ-Robert, Edgar, MT. 406-962-9079

Realistic htx-100 10 meter mobile radio w/mount, mic, power cable,

all in good condition……$50.00+S&H or pick up in Edgar, MT. It will

fit in a medium flat rate box via USPS.


F/S:  KŘFOP-Jon, Riverton, WY., 307-840-3541  springertool@bresnan.net

            Here is a small sampling:(E-mail for a 4-page listing of all other stuff: Pictures available)

            20 ft. of 3" diameter ANDREW heliax 50Ω (great for a hexbeam center pole) sell in 5-foot

sections or, what you want … offer

2ea. Lambda LYS 28vdc/ 27A  (intended for an R-392 rcvr)…….$25/ea.

           Kenwood PS-30, 12vdc 20A  $55

           Custom 12vdc 20A switcher project, w/digital volt/amp meters ... unbuilt.  $50

           2 ea ASTATIC 335HI mics ... meant to go with the GONSET communicators. $40 ea


F/S: KG7CAF-Rich, Thermopolis, WY., 307-864-4052, kg7caf@icloud.com

Drake Matching Network MN-2000 Works perfect. Used with the Kenwood tl-922  

Some wear but chassis in good condition….$150.00 (price reduced)


F/S: NA7AA-Tom, Alpine, WY., 650-207-2772  tcoletti@me.com

            Kenwood TS590SG, 6-160 mtr., w/auto tuner, factory box….$900.00

Acom 1000 linear amplifier, 1000 watt, 220Vac,  ....$1900.00 +S&H


F/S: KD0YX-Tim, Rapid City, S.D. 701-361-5856 kd0yx@hotmail.com  

Kenwood TS 990S Premier Flagship Transceiver: Virtually NEW with everything it came

from the factory, less the very large outer box.  $3975.00  ˝ price of new!

Matching SP 990 for $175.00 w/the purchase of the rig.  Pics and info available. If not sold,

may bring it down to the BARC Hamfest in Longmont, CO on Oct 6th

Alpha 78 HF Amp 10-160 meters, w/four additional band switch positions that provide 

no tune-up on 15-80 meters, 1500 watts PEP output. Mint condition inside & out. No

sticky paint problems. $1400.00 OBO.

Heathkit SB 201 HF Amp with Original Manual:  Super Clean & 100% operational…$450.00

pick up in Rapid City SD or plus FedEx Ground shipping. I might be able to meet a buyer

within 100 Miles of the Black Hills as well. Full set of pics available upon request.   


F/S: K7LK-Lew, Bearcreek, MT. 406-446-3571 k7lk@juno.com  

            Lew Kuster, k7lk in Bearcreek, MT. I am selling out my collection of ham

gear which is listed in 3 pages:
Page 1 is all Heathkit gear and accessories.
Page 2 is all Heathkit bench test equipment
Page 3 is non Heath ham gear and accessories.
I will gladly e-mail any or all pages to interested folk. All I need is 
an e-mail address. I have included prices w/o shipping costs. Of 
course some items are negotiable.
If you need to verify anything or need more info, you can e-mail